Download Propresenter 7

Download Propresenter 7

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Download Propresenter 7 Free
Propresenter 7 Download from its official site To install Propresenter 7 Download on Windows, go through the following steps:
Step 1: Open Propresenter .exe File From Your Download Folder. And Get ready For Your Installation

Step 2: Select the location Where You Want To Install.
Step 3: Press Install Button.

Step 4: Your Download Is Complete.
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Features Of Propresenter 7 

  • igh-quality transistions
  • Announcements layer to show rolling announcements on one screen while rehearsing on another
  • Individual slide settings for transitions and object builds
  • Scale and cropping of media
  • Data-driven text boxes (such as current time and countdown timers)
  • Dynamically overlaid content
  • Context driven visibility (clear a timer when it reaches the end)

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Introduction of Propresenter 7 

Two Platforms.

Revised starting from the earliest stage for genuine stage execution equality. Master is prepared to assist you with taking on the most requesting creations on Mac and Windows. 64-digit now on the two stages.


Present stroll in slides in the anteroom while showing your essential show content to your fundamental crowd. Select any record in a playlist to show on the all-new declarations layer

Limitless Possibilities.

Show your substance on any yield. SDI. NDI. Siphon. HDMI. USB C. Thunderclap. The prospects are perpetual. Need to make a 5 projector edge-mix? Forget about it.


Our all-new EasyView allows you to see the text of your slides without influencing the formating. Not any more squinting to see the words.

Stage Screens

Take control and be certain with Stage Screens. Stage Screens enable you to yield various glances all at once for a definitive adaptability. In ProPresenter 7, Stage Screen looks are made in our all-new progressed editorial manager.

Make like a Pro.

All-new progressed altering capacities for the elements you utilize the most. Slopes, Pen Tool, Fill Shape with Media, Fill Shape with Text, ALL CAPS, New Shapes, Text Scaling, and so much more!Scripture.


Limits have no control over the Bible in ProPresenter 7. Show various interpretations on your screen at one time.

Changelog of Propresenter 7 Download

 7.6.1 (117833997) – Released 2021/08/05 – Download

  • Adds support for editing multiple text ranges
  • Improves the group name matching with Planning Center sequences
  • Fixes a crash that can occur with when using the “replace line returns” option with some text links
  • Fixes a bug that causes delete and backspace to not respond in the reflow editor
  • Fixes a bug that causes selected effects to not show the translated effect name
  • Fixes a bug that causes macros to not sync
  • Fixes an issue with media bin items not showing the missing media indicator
  • Fixes an issue with system clock text links showing format options that do not match the local system’s format preferences
  • Fixes an issue that prevents elapsed timers from starting with negative values
  • Fix a bug that prevents capitalization from being preserved during copy/paste
  • Fixes a bug that causes search results to return as empty if numbers are part of the query
  • Fixes an issue that prevents triggering of the next slide build when a go to next timer is active
  • Fixes a bug that prevents message actions from transferring correct between Mac and Windows
  • Fixes an issue with timer actions being lost when importing a presentation on Mac that was created on Windows
  • Fixes an issue with stage actions showing “No Change” instead of the appropriate stage layout
  • Fixes a bug that prevents importing of groups between Mac and Windows
  • Fixes a bug that causes capitalization settings to not be saved in slide notes
  • Fixes an issue with hot keys not showing in the reflow editor
  • Fixes an issue with the action dialog not showing when adding prop action from action palette
  • Fixes an issue that prevents image import for images being dragged from a web browser
  • Fixes a hang that happens when an invalid url is used for a web fill
  • Fixes an issue with the roundness value popup not showing for a rounded rectangle
  • Fixes an issue with the incorrect slide being triggered when switching between playlist items
  • Fixes a bug that prevents dropping a folder in media bin not allowed
  • Fixes an issue where clicking unlock all elements in the editor does not unlock all of the elements
  • Fixes an issue where template guidelines are visible after applying a template, even if the visibility disabled
  • Fixes an issue where video/audio continues to play during a scrub

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