Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10

Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10

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Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10
Vnc Viewer Free Download from its official site To install Vnc Viewer Free Download on Windows, go through the following steps:
Step 1: Open Vnc .exe File From Your Download Folder. And Get ready For Your Installation

Step 2: Select the location Where You Want To Install.
Step 3: Press Install Button.

Step 4: Your Download Is Complete.
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Features Of Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10

  • Summary. Device access and instant support together cover every remote access use case.
  • Device access. Access computers you own or manage at any time, from anywhere.
  • Instant support. Quickly access anyone’s computer without installing remote access software.

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Introduction of Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is a cross-platform screen sharing system that was created to remotely control another computer. This means that a computer’s screen, keyboard, and mouse can be used from a distance by a remote user from a secondary device as though they were sitting right in front of it.

VNC works on a client/server model. A server component is installed on the remote computer (the one you want to control), and a VNC viewer, or client, is installed on the device you want to control from. This can include another computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. When the server and viewer are connected, the server transmits a copy of the remote computer’s screen to the viewer.

Not only can the remote user see everything on the remote computer’s screen, but the program also allows for keyboard and mouse commands to work on the remote computer from afar, so the connected user has full control (after being granted permission from the remote compute)r.

VNC was created in Cambridge in the late 1990s by the founders of RealVNC, and was commercialized in 2002 when the company was established.

Changelog of Vnc Viewer Free Windows 10

VNC Viewer 6.21.406 released

This is a release of VNC Viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux computers you want to exercise control from.

  • NEW: Added ability to sort connections using the Label column in Details View, so you can easily find servers that you have not yet labelled.
  • NEW: Added access to the context menu for search results. This can be shown by right clicking on a search result and allows you to change connection properties and add labels.

March 2021

VNC Server 6.7.4 released

This is a release of VNC Server and supporting programs for installation on remote computers you want to control. Download.

  • NEW: Added ProxyAutoConfig parameter to specify a proxy-auto configuration (PAC) script on Windows.
  • NEW: Added support for MacOS Big Sur.
  • FIXED: Potential crashes when using new 10-bit color depth displays on Mac.

VNC Viewer for Android 3.7.1 released

This is a release of VNC Viewer for Android devices you want to control from. Search ‘RealVNC’ in the Play Store.

  • FIXED: When searching for servers in a large team the search results may have been incomplete.
  • CHANGED: You must now press the Search/Enter button on your keyboard after typing your search term to perform the search.

Instant Support 1.0.3 released

This is a release of the run-once app for Windows that end users download in order to receive instant support. Download.

  • FIXED: Technician’s mouse cursor would be misaligned when connecting to a user with display scaling set.
  • FIXED: Elevation could fail in rare cases on end-user computers that had run an elevated Instant Support session in the past.

February 2021

VNC Viewer for Android 3.7.0 released

This is a release of VNC Viewer for Android devices you want to control from. Search ‘RealVNC’ in the Play Store.

  • NEW: Added support for Android 10 (Android Q).
  • FIXED: Searching by name for computers in your Teams.

Please note that this version removes support for Android 5.x and earlier.

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